If you are wondering why things like the LSU girl's' basketball team leaving the court last night before the National Anthem or the Downtown Billings Alliance not allowing flags to be passed out during a parade really piss me off, then read the story about Lou Conter.

Lou was the last survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack on the Arizona. He died Monday at 103.

He was standing on the main deck when it was hit. He said a bomb penetrated the steel decks and exploded the 1 million pounds of gunpowder below. It blew the ship 30 feet off the water and him into the bay. With oil and fire everywhere, he helped rescue the men he could.

Nine hundred sailors are still entombed in the Arizona today.

He then learned to fly PBY bombers and flew 200 combat missions in the Pacific with the Black Cats. Their planes were all black so they could fly at night. He was shot down near New Guinea in shark-infested waters. He was one of the lucky ones not eaten.

Even after the war, he then trained future navy pilots how to survive if shot down in the jungle or captured. He retired in 1967 and every year paid tribute to his fallen buddies at Pearl. He was paid $17 a month when he enlisted at 18 and said he would have fought for his country for free.

There are only 19 survivors left from that dreadful day in American history. All still stand if they can for the Anthem and salute the Flag. They don't leave when they hear it and I'm sure would be right there with us when we pass out the flags at the next parade. So, DBA, go ahead and fine us. It's worth it.

See you tomorrow at 5.

Images of Pearl Harbor - The Day and the Memorial

December 7, 1941. The day which has lived in infamy. The day Japan attacked the American naval base in Hawaii and brought the US into World War II.

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