I can't remember what I saw that triggered this...

I saw something that was named after somebody. I remember thinking that maybe that person hadn't quite earned having something named after them.

Now, if you're a politician, it seems like it's easy. Same with famous musicians. I've driven Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis and had lunch at Wendy's on EPB.

Credit: JR Harris on Unsplash
Credit: JR Harris on Unsplash

There's Marty Robbins Boulevard in Glendale Arizona. They only gave him eight blocks of it. But still, it's a tribute. Tina Turner had a song called "Nut Bush'. So, accordingly, you can now drive the Tina Turner Highway through Nutbush, Tennessee.

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It doesn't have to be a real person to get something named after someone. My point is "Daisy Dukes" are named after the leggy Dukes of Hazzard character who wore them. Even if you never saw the TV show, you know what Daisy Dukes are.

Did you know that the teddy bear was named after Teddy Roosevelt? Me neither.

So...what about me?

All of this got me thinking about what should be named after me. The first easy answer would be something at Pryor Creek Golf Course. We've already got memorial benches out there. I've also seen trees planted and dedicated to folks.

So, to be different, I'd like a golf cart with my name on it. If you've ever played golf with me, you probably haven't seen me walk eighteen. So, that would be appropriate.

Credit: Dean on Unsplash
Credit: Dean on Unsplash

The only other one that comes to mind is putting my name on a hole at Valley View Garden Golf in Great Falls, where I grew up. I've been playing there since the 1960's.

What do you think should be named after you?

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