It's Finally Here!

It’s Major League Baseball’s opening day, and you’d better believe I have the games streaming on my iPad app. Starting the season off with the Orioles/Angels game…the words, “It’s time for baseball” sent chills up my spine and the cheer that went up after Burnes struck out Rendon, the first batter of the day, was reminiscent of what my soul was feeling.



Montana Boys Representing

Montana isn’t exactly known for spawning a large number of noteworthy athletes, so it might surprise you that there have been TWENTY-FOUR Major League players born in Montana. The Baseball Almanac compiled all of these athletes into a tidy little list for us to browse. Admittedly, I had not heard of a number of these players, most likely because quite a few of them were not active for long.

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  • Jeff Ballard born 1963-08-13 in Billings, Montana
  • Ed Bouchee born 1933-03-07 in Livingston, Montana
  • Scott Brow born 1969-03-17 in Butte, Montana
  • Johnny Couch born 1891-03-31 in Vaughn, Montana
  • Jeff Doyle born 1956-10-02 in Havre, Montana
  • Cecil Duff born 1896-11-20 in Radersburg, Montana
  • Caleb Frare born 1993-07-08 in Miles City, Montana
  • John Gibbons born 1962-06-08 in Great Falls, Montana
  • Tyler Graham born 1984-01-25 in Great Falls, Montana
  • Codi Heuer born 1996-07-03 in Missoula, Montana (currently active)
  • Rob Johnson born 1982-07-22 in Butte, Montana
  • John Lowenstein born 1947-01-27 in Wolf Point, Montana
  • Joe McIntosh born 1951-08-04 in Billings, Montana
  • Dave McNally born 1942-10-31 in Billings, Montana
  • Dave Meier born 1959-08-08 in Helena, Montana
  • Kam Mickolio born 1984-05-10 in Wolf Point, Montana
  • Gary Neibauer born 1944-10-29 in Billings, Montana
  • Jim Otten born 1951-07-01 in Lewistown, Montana
  • Herb Plews born 1928-06-14 in Helena, Montana
  • Rob Ryan born 1973-06-24 in Havre, Montana
  • Curt Schmidt born 1970-03-16 in Miles City, Montana
  • Mason Tobin born 1987-07-08 in Glendive, Montana
  • Jim Tyack born 1911-01-09 in Florence, Montana
  • Steamboat Williams born 1892-01-31 in Cascade, Montana

The only active player from this list is Codi Heuer, and he is currently a free agent who hasn’t played a game since 2021. Who will be the next MLB player from Montana?

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Do you remember any of the players of days past? Did we miss anyone?

I Am Out Of Here

At a Mustangs game with one of my besties, Lizzie. Credit: Jaci Bjorne, TSM
At a Mustangs game with one of my besties, Lizzie. Credit: Jaci Bjorne, TSM

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