Spotting a celebrity hanging in and around Bozeman is nothing new, but when that celebrity is rumored to have hung out for a week while visiting some of the city's most popular spots, well, that makes news...especially on social media.

We shared that A-List movie star Jason Momoa was coming to the area a couple of weeks back, and according to many residents, the star decided to see all the fuss about Bozeman.

Momoa was in town promoting his line of Vodka. The brand Meili Vodka is made here in the Bozeman area, so it would make sense that the popular actor would spend time in Montana promoting his product.

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Momoa rose to fame on Game of Thrones as he played Khal Drogo in the first two seasons of the popular show and then went on to play Aqua Man. Momoa was also featured in one of the most popular commercials in this year's Superbowl.

As mentioned, Bozeman is a hot spot for the rich and famous, with many living in and around the area if only part-time. Plus, with the vodka being made here, the chances of Mr. Momoa spending more time in Bozeman is a pretty good possibility.

According to locals, Momoa spent time at the Cats Paw, The Hideaway, Belgrade Liquor, and several other places around the area. By all accounts the actor was very kind and approachable and willing to take photos with fans.

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Did you get a chance to meet Jason Momoa when he was in town? Did you get a photo of the encounter? If so, send us a copy to our radio station app!

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