No matter if you yell "Go Cats!" or "Go Griz!", you're supporting a Montana team... and that is what matters. But, in this case, Bobcat Stadium in Bozeman, Montana is about to get a welcome upgrade in technology.

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Make the screens... BIGGER!

According to a release from the MSUBobcats... a new video and audio upgrade is on deck for next summer, to install an LED video display and custom audio system from Daktronics in South Dakota... to make game day events, and other stadium-hosted events, that much better.

300 FEET of screen

The new end zone video display will be 30 FEET by 100 FEET, bringing "excellent image clarity and contrast using 10-millimeter pixel spacing"... so it'll be a massive HDTV for your viewing pleasure.

Plus, being this display will be out in the elements of Montana, Daktronics has given the display the full extreme weather treatment, to keep it safe and sound.

The new display can not only show live video but can be broken into multiple segments for replays, stats, animations... and of course sponsorships (gotta pay for this thing somehow!)

New Speakers Will Bounce You In Your Seats

In tandem with the new display install, a brand new custom audio system will be installed to bring crystal clear speech for calls on the field... or enough bass to rattle your seats.

With that... I bet the next outdoor concert at Bobcat Stadium will be one to behold! Can't wait to see it all done.

What are your thoughts?

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