Montana seems to be packed with margarita connoisseurs, and thankfully some very decent choices when it comes to the tequila-based favorite. From simple and traditional to exotic and experimental, locals shared their favorites.

We understand that margarita appreciation is subjective. Everyone likes their drink a little different, and that's just fine. Blended or on the rocks? Salt or no salt? There really isn't a "right" way to serve one, just tweaks on a very classic cocktail. What you'll find here are some clear recommendations from Bozeman area locals...and that's a good start.

The following quotes were pulled directly from a wide variety of online chats and reviews, and a couple of our margarita-loving trusted friends. We've provided links where appropriate so you can grab hours, prices, and further details on the businesses.

Photo by Kike Salazar N on Unsplash
Photo by Kike Salazar N on Unsplash

"We had burgers and watched football at The Local American Saloon in Belgrade which was really fun. It's got a sports bar vibe with TVs, but nicer. The room has fun energy. I had a few Black Mamba Margaritas and thought they were quite good for the price. Margaritas have become so expensive." (11 West Main Street, Belgrade)

"Nina's Tacos & Tequila has hands down the best variety of tequilas so your margarita is exactly what YOU want, not an interpretation. House or Cadillac. They have lots of other tequila drinks too that looked really good." (5 West Mendenhall, downtown Bozeman)

"The Rib & Chop house in LIVINGSTON has consistently good margaritas. In my experience, Livingston is by far the better location for drinks." (305 East Park Street, Livingston)

"Ted's Montana Grill huckleberry jalapeño margaritas are my favorite." (105 W. Main Street, downtown Bozeman) NOTE: 3 people chimed in on this opinion, agreeing this particular marg was their fave.

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"We really like The Mint in Belgrade. We always sit at the bar, not the restaurant side and their margaritas use good tequila and are well priced. I think mine were $7 each. Gets my vote for best value." (27 East Main Street, Belgrade)

"Bourbon always fresh and delicious, regular or you can try the chipotle peach margarita which is amazing." (515 West Aspen Street, Bozeman) NOTE: We checked the Bourbon website and didn't find margaritas listed, but they did list a fantastic sounding Paloma which is also a tequila based cocktail...but not technically a margarita. We'll let this one slide :-)

"Alberto's in Big Sky Town Center was very good and I thought they were really cheap for Big Sky. Lots of options so you can get as fancy as you want." (118 Ousel Falls Road, Big Sky town center)

"If you have a group of people who want margaritas but aren't trying to be fancy about it, we liked Fiesta Mexicana. They have all sorts of fruit flavors for variety, but those of us who wanted a fancier tequila could get that too. Lots of options which was nice." (712 Wheat Drive in Bozeman OR 6269 Jackrabbit Lane in Belgrade. There are actually 5 Montana locations of Fiesta Mexicana.)

Photo by Walter Lee Olivares de la Cruz on Unsplash
Photo by Walter Lee Olivares de la Cruz on Unsplash

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