It turns out not everybody is interested in funky short term rentals, of which Montana has several. We spotted an online ad for an unusual property for rent in Bozeman that gathered some of the funniest comments ever. 

People from across the country made comments on this particular VRBO advertisement because not only is the rental unique, but lots of folks were quite sure they had seen it before - even though they had never been to Montana. Most commenters were reminded of a video game. How? We'll get to that.

IMORTANT NOTE: The short term rental being discussed here is totally cool, in my opinion. It's about as interesting as a rental can get, and just because some people are weirded out with 'historic' properties doesn't mean squat. You know what they say about opinions...this VRBO is GORGEOUS on the inside.

The property that was featured in this VRBO online advertisement (below) is located in Bozeman, Montana and is called the Misco Mill Grain Elevator. It's super funky, located in a cool part of town, and is HIGHLY rated by travelers who have actually stayed there. (As of this writing, the Misco Mill Grain Elevator had 4.9 out of 5 stars with dozens of reviews.)

This is part of the official property description on "The Misco Mill flat is a newly remodeled space on the second floor in a grain elevator built in 1933 and is listed on the national historic register. The space has a large open floor plan with a kitchen, dining area and living room. Gas fireplace, flat screen tv and a wet bar. The dining table seats 8, perfect for dinner parties. There are two bedrooms, the master bedroom has a king bed with custom made headboard and antique furniture. The second bedroom has a queen bed and houses the washer and dryer for the apartment. The bathroom is spacious and has a large walk in shower and double sinks."

VRBO Facebook ad - Facebook
VRBO Facebook ad - Facebook
  • Is that a hotel, or a grain mill? Is this real or a Call of Duty spoof????
  • I thought I saw some glint in the top window
  • Anyone else see a COD map?
  • I thought of Team Fortress 2 first
  • I immediately saw WMD from Black Ops 1 😂
  • Came to comment this lmao, or that one survival mission on gta5 at the mill place. Verdansk, Montana. LOL.
  • first thing I saw was CoD map
  • This is literally the mill from Modern Warfare. Mountains in the background and everything. Insane.
  • I'm pretty sure I played Call of Duty on this map
  • I've always wanted to stay in a sawmill. Or a grain mill. Whatever it is.
  • I grew up driving past this grain mill. We drove past it to get to my ballet classes every week when I lived there. It was an operational grain mill then. I have to click and see, the VRBO looks so nice. What a fun idea.
  • Good Shining sequel location. funny and serious all at the same time
  • I liberated this place in Far Cry 5.
  • What is this? Designed from Call of Duty or Call of Duty designed from this?
  • Cool idea for repurposing an old grain elevator/feed mill and store.
    Its is incredibly unique how much lumber and man power it took to build this. And how many wonderful meals were served by the ladies when it was built.
  • Off all the possible places, the marketing team chose this one?
  • the big boss is on the top floor and all I have to do is fight my way through the first 6 levels?
  • Thought this was COD bro
  • Thought this was a level from Medal of Honor.
  • Isn't this Black Ops 1?
  • I think it looks great. You all apparently never lived outside a city before.
  • “I call the loading dock!”
  • “I got the grain mill!”
  • Yep, was handed a butterfly knife and a stopwatch and was told “mission begins in 60 seconds”. Would stay again.
  • Watch out for John Dutton
  • I’ve always wanted to visit a grain mill in a cold place.
  • that 2fort?
  • Looks like a sawmill. Is this HOVEC SAWMILL???
  • Has VRBO been hacked?
  • Rainbow Six Siege, that you???
  • Vrbo gotta be doing this kind of marketing on purpose
  • I’ve played this map in call of duty
  • Who is in charge of making these posts?

As you can see, the cool rental reminded TONS of people of Call of Duty. If you've never played the video game, then the comments probably don't mean much - but it certainly poked the memory of COD gamers!

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