Can't there be a place like this where you don't have to spend several months' pay for a few nights' stay? We are just wondering. 

Country Living came out with a list of the Best Inns in Every State for a Charm-Filled Getaway, and the spot they chose for Montana is not only perfect, but it's also terribly expensive. No, they didn't choose The Montage up in Big Sky. Instead, the Best Inn in Montana for a Charmed-Filled Experience is Triple Creek Ranch in Darby, Montana. 

The Triple Creek Ranch is located in Darby, Montana, and is known for its Montana experiences you can take advantage of at the ranch. There are horseback rides, dog sledding, fly fishing, and so much more to do at the Triple Creek Ranch. 

One of the neatest aspects of the ranch is that everything is inclusive of the price. You get your room, all meals covered, the experiences, drinks, and all programs at the ranch are included. Plus, this is an adults-only ranch too. If you want to bring your kids, they have to be 16 years old or older to be able to come along. 

The only problem is you will be paying for this experience. The Triple Creek Ranch's cheapest room a night is $1,300. That's for a one-bedroom cabin. The more beds or space you need the price rises, a lot. 

Do we think this is the best inn in Montana? Maybe. The thing is, there is an inn just down the road in Bozeman called the Howlers Inn. Howlers Inn is a bed and breakfast, and is a wolf sanctuary too. The best part is the rooms are all under $200. That's a steal. 

If you want to learn more, check out Triple Creek Ranch

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