Who wouldn't want to watch these two battle it out in the octagon? It would be epic.

UFC fights are very popular in Montana.

Every time there is a massive UFC title, you can find multiple bars in any Montana city or bar showing the fights because fans will show up to drink, eat, and watch these professionals beat each other up.

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One current UFC champion is from Montana and is popular with locals and many fans of the sport.

UFC on Fox: Velasquez v Dos Santos - Press Conference
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'Suga' Sean O'Malley is the current bantamweight champion and recently defended his title at UFC 299.

UFC 292: Sterling v O'Malley
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What is next for the champ? If he had it his way, one of the sports legends

ESPN reports Sean O'Malley noted he would love to battle former UFC champ Conor McGregor in a fight. O'Malley said he would jump up a class to fight him and believes their battle could be the UFC's biggest fight in their history.

"Road House" New York Premiere
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McGregor is returning from a three-year hiatus to fight at UFC 303, but this could be a future fight later in 2024.

McGregor retired from the UFC to focus on family, his whiskey business Proper Twelve and starred in the remake of Roadhouse. He's been a busy guy.

If the UFC decided to put this fight together, it would pit two of the best trash-talkers against each other. The prefight banter would be legendary.

Jake Paul v Anderson Silva
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The UFC could make this happen but they will probably wait to see how McGregor fares in his return fight this summer to see if it would be a money maker or a dud.

Either way, Montanans are excited anytime their hometown boy fights.

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