The wait is almost over! The first Chick-fil-A in Bozeman will soon open its doors for business. Here's everything you need to know, including the opening date!

Montanans Rejoice! Chick-fil-A Expands Presence in Big Sky Country

If you have been patiently waiting for Chick-fil-A to open its location inside of the Strand Union Building at Montana State University, we've got some good news! An official opening date has been announced.

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While Chick-fil-A enjoys widespread popularity across America, its presence in Montana has been somewhat limited. Thankfully, that's changing! Since the first location opened in Kalispell back in 2016, the franchise has been steadily expanding in the state. Missoula and Billings now have their own Chick-fil-A, and hungry fans in Bozeman won't have to wait much longer – a new location is set to open this June! This expansion is good news for Montanans who crave the chain's signature chicken sandwiches and friendly service.

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When Will Chick-fil-A Open at Montana State University?

Chick-fil-A is about to open a new location on the Montana State Campus, and students and locals couldn't be more excited about it. Questions about the opening date have been asked on social media for months. Fortunately, we finally have an answer. The opening date for Chick-fil-A inside the Strand Union Building is Thursday, June 13.

We are excited to announce our opening date - Thursday, June 13 at the Strand Union Building! Our summer hours of operation will be Monday through Saturday, 10:30 am to 700 pm, closed on July 4. We look forward to serving you!

An update about the new Chick-fil-A was shared Monday on Instagram.

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