Montana may not be known for its bright lights and big cities, but the state has a very unique history, and is known for certain things that can't be found anywhere else in the world. One of those things is the pork chop sandwich. Montanans are always talking about them, but what is the origin of the pork chop sandwich in the Treasure State?

You can find a pork chop sandwich on restaurant menus all across Montana, but you'll have to go back over 100 years to learn about its origin. According to an article on the Bon Appetit website, the pork chop sandwich was invented in the early 1920s by John Burklund in Butte. Burkland was a former firefighter who moved to the United States from Sweden.

Pork Chop John's Sandwich
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At first, it was simply an inexpensive idea to feed hungry workers in the copper mines around Butte, but word about the delicious deep-friend sandwiches quickly spread throughout the state. Burklund began selling the sandwiches out of the back of his wagon in uptown Butte in 1924.

In 1932, Burkland opened the first official Pork Chop John's location at 8 W. Mercury St. in Butte. The original location is still standing today. At one point, there was a Pork Chop John's in almost every major city in Montana. Today, you can still get a quality pork chop sandwich at several restaurants throughout the state.

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