If your idea of duck hunting is wading in water while surrounded by haphazardly placed brush, you might not be ready to see the blinds featured below.

Duck hunters are taking to social media to show off their luxury blinds. These posh accommodations are more than just a bench and a shelf to put your snacks.

Some of the video tours show multi-level blinds complete with TVs, bathrooms and kitchen areas.

Three-Story Duck Blind

Is this one technically even a duck blind? You can hunt out of a three-story blind in Arkansas that has enough room for more than 20 hunters.

"Is this a duck blind or an AirBnb?" one commenter asked on TikTok

There's a lounge area with a TV, full kitchen, couches, a bathroom and parking for up to seven boats.

The Hidden Trailer Blind

Luxury duck blinds aren't always about what's on the inside. This one goes next level on the outside.

A duck hunter on TikTok has a hidden trailer under his blind that makes it easy to get from place to place once the season starts

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Staying Down Low In Missouri

A TikToker northwest Missouri created a blind that comfortably sits several hunters while keeping them low and out of sight. Even the brushing on the path helps hide anyone walking up to the blind.

A backroom is available for those who want to step away from the hunt for a quick break.

Waterfowl Bunker Made With Cement Blocks

Some hunters go for something a little more permanent when it comes to their blinds. This TikToker used cement blocks to create a hunting bunker next to the water.


There's even a door that makes it look like you're headed into someone's basement. Nope, it's just a place to hunt, cook bacon and hang with your dog who is waiting to retrieve.

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Comfortably Waiting For The Geese

Luxury isn't limited to duck hunters. This ground blind in Minnesota is barely visible beyond the goose decoys in a barren field.

Underground, are several hunters waiting for the geese to arrive while enjoying breakfast on a cold morning.

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