I want to thank the elected officials of Teton County and specifically Jackson, Wyoming for supporting the Wyoming coal industry.

Though they were fooled into thinking that they were doing the opposite.

I better explain or people will misunderstand.


Teton County and Jackson, Wyoming were looking for a way to serve its many tourists and "save the planet," with "emission-free buses."

So their Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START) system bought 8 electric buses to add to their fleet of diesel buses.

Those EV buses cost anywhere between $800,000 and $1 million apiece. Diesel buses cost about $500,000 per bus.

Don't worry, all those EVs were bought with federal money.


By now you might have heard that all of the EV busses have broken down and the California company that sold and serviced them has gone bankrupt.

That's what usually happens with federally subsidized pipe dream programs.

One of the most famous of many such failures was SOLYNDRA!

Solyndra was perhaps the most famous among the many cases of government subsidies going to a "green" project that failed miserably, but they will keep doing it.

Watch the video below if you need a review of that story.


“(It’s) the way that we’re kind of operating these days – we’re looking for that shiny, bright object. We all gotta go with zero emissions from battery-powered buses,” said Vogelheim. “It’s kind of sad, because we’re sitting next to a county that has the largest field of natural gas.”  (Cowboy State Daily).


As shown in the video above, programs that are heavily subsidized by the government only exist as long as that Federal money continues to roll in.

Once the subsidies run out, those companies go out of business.

Also, the folks in Teton County and the town of Jackson have bought, hook line, and sinker, in the LIE that these busses are "zero emissions."

Wyoming makes the vast majority of its electricity from burning coal and natural gas.

I guess the people of Teton County have never driven into the central and eastern parts of the state to see those power plants.


Those coal and natural gas plants are what would have been charging electric buses if they had worked in the first place.

There is nothing "zero emissions" about them.

Perhaps the folks over on the western side of our state would like to look into where things like electricity actually come from before they make a decision like this.

Also, be suspicious any time someone from the Federal Government shows up offering "free money."


As I have pointed out in past articles, CO2 would actually help beautiful Teton County to become greener!

Confused? Follow this link to find out how.

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