Wait, now they want to remove statues and pictures of Jesus....because of "white supremacy?" I know, it was crazy enough that the rioters are tearing down or attempting to tear down statues of Union war generals and prominent abolitionists. But now Jesus too?

The guy who caused the uproar earlier this week was brought in to speak at The University of Montana back in 2018 as a representative of the Black Lives Matter movement. Shaun King spoke for the African American Studies Department at UM during black history month.

As Fox News reports:

King was once a leading voice in the Black Lives Matter movement but fell from grace when his race was questioned and he was accused of being a Caucasian falsely portraying himself as black.


Fox News also noted that "Ethiopia, for instance, has depicted Jesus as black for more than 1,500 years. Likewise, images of Jesus appearing Asian can be found throughout the Far East."

I don't know about you, but I'm simply tired of the political activists in this country constantly trying to divide Americans along racial lines. I also wonder why the white, liberal media constantly propping up people like Al Sharpton instead of other black American voices?

If the African-American studies department (which is run by a white guy) can bring in a speaker who apparently lied about being black, why not bring in an actual black American like Candace Owens next? Then again, she'll probably get overlooked for Rachel Dolezal instead.

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