I can still remember the day I wandered into Southgate Mall in Missoula and saw someone who melted my mind. As someone born and raised in Montana, it is not every day that you see celebrities in public. And when you do happen to run into one, you almost wonder if they are real or just a look-a-like. That day, I witnessed Pamela Anderson casually looking through a crowded clothes rack at Dillard's. I knew immediately that she was not just some Pam Anderson impersonator, but the real Playmate of the Year.

But Why was Pam Anderson shopping in Missoula, MT?

It was the summer of 2004, and Kid Rock had recently purchased a home on the Bitterroot River near Stevensville, MT. He bought the home so he could be neighbors with his music idol, Hank Williams Jr. At the time Kid Rock was married to Pamela Anderson. Which explains the above sighting of Pam in Missoula. Yet, I never managed to catch a sighting of Kid Rock.

It wasn't long after the couple split, that Kid Rock sold the Montana property.

This week, people in places like Seeley Lake, Butte and even Billings will have the same feeling I did. They will wonder "is that Kid Rock on stage or just a look-a-like?" The answer is the latter.

Kid Kentucky and the American Baddass Band are bringing their Kid Rock Tribute act to Montana.

Kid Kentucky is taking over the Base Camp Bar in Seeley Lake this Thursday (8/25), followed by a stop in Butte at the Depot Friday (8/26) and Rock the Block (Sat 8/27.)

According to the Kid Kentucky website

Kid Kentucky is Kid Rock's biggest fan paying homage to the greatest artist out there! Kid Rock had to work like a dawg to get to where he is today and Kid Kentucky is one of the most grateful that he did. Kid Kentucky works as hard as he can as well, to deliver the best Kid Rock tribute experience possible. Between the music, the show, the look, and the songs, Kid Kentucky comes the closest you can get to the real thing.

Ticket Information is available online at kidkentucky.com

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