Wildlife in Yellowstone are unpredictable especially when they feel threatened or if they're feeling a little rambunctious. It always amazes me when people think they can't be hurt by a wild animal and refuse to move when they come in close contact.

The summer tourist season is winding down, but the rut is in full swing. That being said, bull elk are looking for a little action and aren't going to back down. That can be terrifying if you happen to be the one that elk decides is his competition.

You're very likely to find elk on the parade grounds at Mammoth Hot Springs eating the well irrigated grass. These grasses were planted by the US Calvary in the early 1900's and since the parks largest elk herd spends much of their time here, they know the grass is great eating.

As you can see in this video by Tripods In The Wild, elk can move very quickly and close the gap between you and them in a short amount of time. Even though this man was all the way across the grounds from this large bull, without much notice the elk was sprinting toward him. It looks like there was a woman that split as soon as she noticed the large elk coming their way, the guy on the other hand, looks as if he was taunting the elk until others yelled for the man to get behind their car.

When the man finally retreats, you can hear the elk bugle and that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, especially if you're within 20 yards of the big boy.

If you're heading for a late season visit to the park, be alert and don't get too close to the wildlife!

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