All the western Montana McDonald’s restaurants are participating in a national ‘Thank You Meal' campaign to honor hospital workers and first responders. Owner Edward Kapalczynski explained the promotion.

“Starting today, McDonald’s came out and wanted to show our appreciation for first responders and healthcare workers for the tireless efforts they have contributed to our community to help keep us safe and keep things going for us,” Kapalczynski said.

Kapalczynski detailed the menu items available for first responders’ Thank You meals.

“We can provide an Egg McMuffin meal, Sausage McGriddle meal, or a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit meal in the morning,” Kapalczynski said. “We can also provide a Double Cheeseburger meal, Six Piece Chicken Nugget meal, or Filet-O-Fish meal in the afternoon. It is our token of gratitude for their efforts.”

He confirmed who are invited to take advantage of the free meals.

“These are intended for first responders and all healthcare workers,” Kapalczynski. “Go through our drive-thru and be in uniform or provide us with a valid ID of your pace of employment and we will take care of the rest for you. We have all five in Missoula, Lolo and Hamilton.”

The nationwide McDonalds promotion began on Wednesday and will continue through Tuesday, May 5.

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