It was early in the morning 3 years ago when the world got flipped upside down for Montana Highway Patrol trooper Wade Palmer. After checking on a vehicle on Evaro Hill, Trooper Palmer was ambushed by a gunman who shot Palmer multiple times in the head, neck, and face. Though his injuries were severe, Trooper Palmer managed to survive.

Over the past 3 years, Trooper Palmer has become a local celebrity. His rehabilitation from the shooting has been inspirational for all of us in western Montana. Proving that Montanans like us and Wade Palmer are a truly tough group of people.

After spending months in a Salt Lake City hospital recovering from his wounds, Trooper Palmer returned to Missoula to hero's welcome. Cars and hundreds of people lined the streets to welcome him home.

Wade Palmer was already a hero long before the tragic shooting. During a series of car wrecks in 2014, Trooper Plamer managed to rescue a woman from near-death on icy Montana roads. He was awarded the Medal of Valor back in 2014 for his heroic actions.

Wade Palmer officially retired from the Montana Highway Patrol in July of 2020. As he continues to recover from the wounds inflicted that night in 2019. Now Trooper Palmer spends time with family and friends, and we have even had some sightings of him at Montana Grizzly football games.

Shortly after his retirement, Missoula county officials declared May 22nd Trooper Wade Palmer day here in Missoula.

Today, on the anniversary of that terrible night, the Montana Highway Patrol honors Wade Palmer for his service to the great state of Montana.

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