WNYC Studios, a publicly funded radio station, co-produced an eco-extremist segment with The New Yorker Magazine titled “How to Blow Up a Pipeline.” 

Bringing eco-terrorist to a major magazine and the airwaves begs the question, do we really want to give these people any sense of credibility? Perhaps we should be treating them like the dangerous, lunatic criminals they are.

The podcast carries the headline: “Should the Climate Movement Embrace Sabotage?” The host, David Remnick claimed that “the effects of climate change are already here and they’re catastrophic.”

Then the podcast got crazy with the views of Lund University Human Geography Professor Andreas Malm. “‘I am recommending that the [climate] movement continues with mass action and civil disobedience, but also opens up for property destruction,’” Malm said. “So, I am in favor of destroying machines, property.”

Flaring pit near a well in the Bakken Oil Field. Orjan F. Ellingvag, Corbis via Getty Images
Flaring pit near a well in the Bakken Oil Field. Orjan F. Ellingvag, Corbis via Getty Images

This conversation could be heard on 66 radio stations through WNYC. The radio station is a member of taxpayer-funded National Public Radio.

Podcast host David Remnick says that his guest, Malm, “really does want environmental activists to rethink their commitment to non-violence and embrace tactics of sabotage.”

During the interview, Malm repeated the usual Antifa talking point about embracing a “diversity of tactics” and moving away from a strict reliance on “polite, gentle and perfectly peaceful civil disobedience.”  He went on to admit “I am in favor of destroying machines, property; not harming people,” he said.

“So you are recommending blowing up a pipeline?” Remnick asked.

“If people in that region were to attack the construction equipment, blow up the pipeline before it’s completed, I would be all in favor of that,” Malm said.

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Malm then spoke about the recent Colonial pipeline in the United States and wondered why someone hadn’t taken similar steps for the climate rather than for money.

He applauded violent BLM protests as “an integral part of an uprising.”

It will be interesting to see how many angry phone calls and e-mails WNYC gets over this interview. Also how many they get in agreement with the guest.

As for Malm, he is allowed to say what he wants. But it is about time those who actually take action, like eco-terrorist and violent members of Antifa and BLM actually get jail time and are made to pay, finically, for the damage they have done.

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