It looks like the cable landscape in Missoula will be seeing some changes. Charter-Spectrum is the big dog in town when it comes to cable providers but they'll soon be getting some competition. Actually, we just recently shared the story of the Rural Broadband Alliance, a non-profit foundation dedicated to building fast, affordable, community-powered broadband networks. Their goal is to provide options for broadband internet in Western Montana but they're still trying to get operations up and running with the help of community members. But another player has entered the game with today's news that the Missoula City Council approved an existing company to enter Missoula as a direct competitor to Charter-Spectrum.

Welcome to Missoula, TDS

TDS Metrocom will install their network across Missoula and give customers another choice when it comes to internet, tv, and phone service, according to KPAX article.

****Oh, and if you missed it, Saturday Night Live had a great skit about the pains of dealing with customer service when you try to cancel your cable. Check it out below.****

Will multiple providers be a good thing?

All I know is that I moved to Missoula and my internet cost $49.99 a month which was a reasonable price. Then it jumped to $59.99 after the initial one-year period. And after that year was up it jumped to $79.99. Usually, when two businesses compete head to head it's the consumer that ends up the winner because of competitive pricing. So I'm just saying a little competition has to be good, right?

Will competition breed better service?

Pricing probably wouldn't be the only benefit of two big companies competing for our business. In a bid to entice customers both companies will want to ensure they're offering the best products and services they can provide. Seems like it could end up being a win/win for customers in Missoula.

When will it happen?

The only bummer news is that it'll probably take a decent amount of time for TDS to get situated in Missoula and be operating at full force. But the promise of having competing internet providers (and possibly a lower bill) is something to look forward to.

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