Some of you may remember how dry it was earlier this Spring. I remember talking with my Uncle Monte as he was heading home to the ranch after enduring a long week of chemo treatment for cancer. When I asked him if he needed anything from us here in town, he said, "pray for rain."

Later in the Spring you got to hear from my cowboy cousin Logan as he told our radio listeners across the state what all goes into getting ready for a bull sale. He also talked about how his dad Monte had been getting him and his brothers, Mark and Paul, ready to take on this bull sale for over 30 years.

Sadly, Monte has now moved on to pastures much greener than the rest of ours- especially in August in Montana. Logan wrote a fitting tribute on behalf of his family, which his sister Kathryn read at the funeral in Terry, Montana.  Here's his poem "Dad's New Ranch" below.

Dad’s New Ranch

No sore shoulder, neck, or back
No crooked fingers or bones with breaks or cracks
No headaches, aching feet, or cramps will be a big change
‘Cause there’s no time for pain, riding on the Lord’s range
On the new spread he’ll stand straight and walk true
He will smile big, laugh, and never be blue
On the new outfit there’s no fencing, haying, busted equipment and certainly no weeds to spray
At last, there’s no pointless chores that waste a cowboy’s day
Up there, Dad’s favorite horses wait eagerly at the corral gate
Of course it’s his favorites – Old Red, Fox, and Roany, but no Jim, he met a different fate
His saddle fits, he mounts with ease, and can ride like when he was young
He ropes better than ever and swings loops like man has never seen swung
All the best cows are up there too from all the years and more
Ready to have big fat calves like they did before
Yup, you guessed it. All his old cowboy heroes are up there like Wayne, Webb, Terry, Bob, Kelton, and Bill
They will all gather ‘round telling stories upon a glorious hill
See God’s a firm believer in thin shit and deep tracks
Because the cowponies up there never get tired, packing angels on their backs
So don’t you be sad for old Monte. It’s way better up there than here
And everyone knows a good cowboy would never shed a tear

-Logan Eayrs

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