Governor Greg Gianforte (Triple G) has announced that help is on the way to Florida from the Montana National Guard, in response to Hurricane Ian.

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Florida provided Montana critical assistance during the flooding disaster this year, and we’re glad to be able to return the favor in their time of need,

Gov. Gianforte said.

Susan and I are praying for the people of Florida, and all those prepared to respond, as Hurricane Ian makes landfall.

With Hurricane Ian making landfall, Florida requested help through the "Emergency Management Assistance Compact" (EMAC) from Montana. They asked for one National Guard Advanced-Team Member to assist with EMAC requests, as well as a Type 3 "All-Hazard Incident Management Team".

Credit: NOAA
Credit: NOAA

Montana To The Rescue

Triple G and Montana have accepted both requests, sending a Major from the National Guard along with a team of 10 from the Western Montana All Hazard Incident Management ream.

In addition to the team being sent to Florida, another EMAC Advanced Team member from Montana Disaster and Emergency Services traveled to Atlanta to assist in regional response efforts.

If you are interested in staying updated with Hurricane Ian's progress in Florida, click the button below.

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