This 106 acre piece of land that sits directly on Flathead Lake is located in the small community of Somers, Montana. It is now Montana's 56th state park, the first park created in 3 years.

Somers, Montana and our new state park are located on the northern tip of Flathead Lake. This piece of property has almost a half-mile of shoreline to the lake.

According to a press release from the Governor's office on Thursday, May 12th: "Signed into law by the governor in April 2021, House Bill 5 gave Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks the authority to acquire Somers Beach from the Sliter family, which donated the land and had allowed public use of the property since the 1930s."

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Montana FWP
Montana FWP

Want to see the virtual meeting that explains in detail the planning process for this new state park and discussion of what's next? (The recorded meeting is an hour long.) You can also see the timeline and key milestones here with Montana FWP.

The ribbon cutting for Somers State park was held on Thursday, May 12th, 2022.

FWP’s overall goal is to steward the site in a way that strikes an appropriate balance between providing safe, enjoyable recreational experiences with protecting fish, wildlife, habitat, and heritage resources.

Montana Governors Office - Somers State Park Ribbon Cutting
Montana Governors Office - Somers State Park Ribbon Cutting

What are the names of all Montana's state parks? You can find information on all of there at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

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