My buddy Chuck (Chucky!!) works for a car rental agency up at Billings Logan International  airport. A photo he shared on Facebook today is a prime example of why you might re-consider skipping the optional insurance package when you book a rental for your hunting trip.

Details were unclear in Chuck's post about the person who returned the vehicle, but we can speculate they were likely from out-of-state. I don't know too many local hunters who rent rigs from the airport to go shoot a deer. UPDATE: Chuck reports the unfortunate hood-shooters were from Minnesota.


Take another look at the picture of the rental, clearing showing a bullet hole. Three bullet holes, if you count the entry hole, the exit hole and what appears to be a 3rd smaller hole on the fender, likely from a bullet fragment.

Photo by Chuck Salway ~ used with permission
Photo by Chuck Salway ~ used with permission

How I wish there was a video somewhere of the scene that caused this. I can only image the look on the hunters face when he realized he just shot a hole in his rental truck. Using the hood of your truck for a shooting rest isn't uncommon, but remembering where your barrel is in relation to scope shouldn't be forgotten.

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This hunter was clearly having a bad day, and we'll never know if he got his trophy buck or not, but you know who did have a great day in the outdoors? ALL THESE PEOPLE in our Best Day Hunting or Fishing Photo Contest. Vote daily, now through November 29th.

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