The long overdue Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to kick off this Friday. So far it looks like Montana has a couple athletes making the trip overseas to represent the USA, as well as the Treasure State.

We recently shared the news of a woman from Belgrade making her Olympic debut in the 50m rifle competition. A Montana woman by the name of Ali Weisz. Ali is a member of the US Army Marksmanship Unit. At the age of 26, Ali is accomplishing her dream of competing on the world's stage.

Now it appears we have yet another world class marksman making his way to Tokyo. Representing the one and only Butte, MT. Staff Sgt. Nickolaus Mowrer is making his second trip to the Olympics. But, this time he is already setting records.

According to the Montana Standard

Mowrer, a Butte native and seven-time national record holder, will compete in the 10m Air Pistol and 50m Rifle events in Tokyo, scheduled for July 23 through Aug. 8 at the Asaka Shooting Range. He is the first American to qualify for both events in Olympic history.

The air rifle events will be some of the first events to take place at this year's Olympics. Meaning both Ali Weisz and SGT Mowrer could be some of the first to add some gold medals to the USA tally. But, the men's air rifle finals are scheduled to take place at 1230a Saturday morning. Thankfully NBC is going to air both men's and women's finals at 6pm mtn on Saturday.

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