Yesterday a federal judge in Florida struck down the Biden administration's mask mandate. Almost immediately, airlines and airports across the country lifted the requirements to mask up upon arrival. Passengers on flights cheered as they were finally able to breathe freely again. The airlines also embraced the news with relief as these restrictions have no doubt hurt flight capacities.

The thing about this is that people that still feel vulnerable can still mask up to protect themselves. Long flights were especially uncomfortable for people. The airlines claimed that they upgraded their filtration systems anyway which ultimately offered you the protection needed.

I think when I fly I will still take a mask just in case. If I'm sitting next to someone that appears to be ill, I may wear it for a while but that will be my choice.

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I know that the pilots and the flight attendants will be ecstatic about this move. So much of the unruliness and skirmishes on the flights were all brought on by the mask mandates.

You are still going to have people on board though that will try to guilt-trip you into wearing one.

I hope the next move is the no COVID-19 test required to get back into the country.

Heck, if people sneaking in across the border can violate Federal law and not be tested, the same rights should be afforded to U.S. citizens. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

By the way, for all of us Standing With Emily: It finally paid off last night...Congratulations to the Penningtons and all other families of disabled children that will follow their lead and get one more year to complete graduation.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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