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Montana is called the Treasure State due to our vast natural resources, especially gold and silver. That's why our state motto is "Oro y Plata."

Many also think of Montana as the Treasure State due to our timber, copper, and natural terrain. One of our greatest treasures is our people. And I don't know about you, but when you're on a Montana road trip, aside from the peaks, the rivers, the lakes, and the prairies, there's something that always stands out, no matter which side of the state you're on: a barn.

Think about it: whether you are near Flathead Lake in the West, or Fort Peck Lake in the East, there's something about a barn that stands out.

John Twiggs is a producer with Montana PBS. He joined us recently to talk about his new documentary that premieres on Montana PBS Monday night: "Keeping the Barn."

Here's a preview from Montana PBS:

They are the centerpiece of any farm or ranch. Montana features a rich heritage connected to barns. There are more than 6000 historic barns in the state, but that number is rapidly falling. It’s a difficult dilemma for farmers and ranchers; when to hold on or when to let go. The 90-minute show follows the Brouwer family, near Manhattan, as they struggle with the cost and complication of fixing the roof on their barn.

According to the MSU News Service, "MontanaPBS will air its new feature-length documentary, 'Keeping the Barn,' at 8 p.m. Monday, Nov. 9."

Full audio of our chat with Montana PBS Producer John Twiggs:

Keeping the Barn trailer:

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