We could potentially see multiple Bobcat players possibly taken in this year's draft, and this would be a huge help not only for them but Montana State as well. 

The NFL Combine is coming up at the end of February and goes through the first week of March. This event is a potential game-changer for college players intending to get drafted to the NFL. The NFL Combine is an invite-only event, and usually, the top players at each position get invited, but that doesn't mean we won't see a few Bobcats get an invite to the big event. 

There are four Montana State Bobcats who have played in post-season senior bowls that are the most likely to get invited to the NFL Combine, those four are linebacker Troy Andersen, offensive lineman Lewis Kidd, wide receiver Lance McCutcheon, and defensive lineman Daniel Hardy. 

Troy Andersen is the most likely to get invited to the NFL Combine. He has consistently gotten national attention, played in the best senior bowl, and is highly recognized. Daniel Hardy could also garner an invitation. The 2022 NFL Draft is predicted to be a strong, defensive draft, and they could invite more defensive players than usual. 

The other one that could squeak his way into the combine is Lance McCutcheon. Lance was statically one of the best FCS receivers this past year and made unreal catches during games. Plus, he made a big impression during his senior bowl as well. 

The NFL Combine should announce soon who will be invited to the event within the next few days. If Montana State can get a few players at the combine and show off their incredible skills and help the players go from undrafted to being drafted. 

For more details, check out the NFL Combine

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