My wife and I were unwinding and wasting time on a Friday night showing each other hilarious videos. When I saw this "Ed Shearing" video, I figured I better share this with our woolgrower friends here in Montana.

Ed Sheeran is, of course, a popular singer known for songs like Bad Habits, Shivers, and Shape of You.

Check out the below video from "Celebs on Sandwiches" on Instagram.


By the way, for those of you who know about Ed Sheeran's music- but don't know about sheep shearing and our wool industry here in Montana. Check out the Montana Wool Growers Association (MWGA). They were established in 1883 at the first annual convention in Fort Benton, MT, making it the state’s oldest agriculture organization.

Here's more from the MWGA:

Growers in 1883 were concerned over wool and lamb imports, grazing on public domain, predator control, and expanding the markets for both lamb and wool. MWGA advocates for and works on behalf of Montana’s farm and ranch interests, namely Montana’s sheep industry. Since 1883, MWGA has worked hard to ensure that there is a future raising sheep in Montana and in the United States.

Here's some upcoming events the MWGA is featuring, including the Montana Lamb Jam. What's the Montana Lamb Jam? Apparently it is coming up April 20th in Lewistown, Montana. "This 'Made in Montana' culinary competition is a sampling of different lab dishes prepared by top chefs with lamb sourced from local Montana ranches.

Let me just say- if you're somebody who doesn't like lamb meat: you just haven't had good lamb meat, especially from here in Montana.

Upcoming Events


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