Call it a perfect storm of coronavirus, the poor economy in big cities, uncertainty, crime rates, or social unrest. Social unrest especially has caused a big bump in the trend in the past few months. Add all of this up and the current trends shows waves of Americans moving from large cities to permanently relocate in lower populated towns and states.

The trend is not new, but in 2020 the trend has accelerated. Today, more than ever before, it is easy to work remotely That means someone can work for a big company but they do not need to drive to a big sky scraper to do it.

New York City is one that has seen a large population drain in 2020. Besides the above mentioned problems, there is also the cost of living and endless taxes that keep increasing.

In some cases these folks are moving within their own state. Upstate New York, for instance, is beautiful open countryside and small towns. So not everyone is interested in moving to a place like Wyoming. I'm sure many of them don't even believe that Wyoming exists.

One study shows over 40 percent of urbanites have browsed online real estate in smaller states and towns. Sites like Redfin show more than a quarter of searches on its website are from places like Seattle, San Francisco, and the District of Columbia. But people searching for homes in those big city areas are down 50%.

There is also a sharp uptick in Montana, with most real estate inquiries coming from California up 10 percent. Colorado, Oregon, and Maine have seen a jump as well.

As always, it is fine if folks want to move to our state, as long as they are willing to sign The Wyoming Citizenship Oath.

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