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The Montana High School Association just came out with their plans for fall sports in Montana, as reported by the Billings Gazette, and it's more complicated than heart surgery. There are five different tiers incorporated into the plan. All of the requirements are going to be almost impossible to stick to.

The plan and model should be simple. We want schools and coaches to try to keep things as safe as possible for the athletes involved. THE END. Sports are not a requirement in school. If you have any concerns at all, your child should not participate. All parents should assume the risks involved and have to sign a waiver exempting the school from any responsibility other than negligence on their part. That's it. You can't cater to every individual need and athlete, and the same goes for the schools. Offer instruction, and if a parent doesn't feel safe, keep your child home and you come up with your own plan. These institutions can only offer so much. That's just the way it has to be. Outside of special needs kids, of course, before you haters call me names. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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