Some people collect baseball cards or shot glasses, others collect old cars or antiques. I was never much into sports and my budget is a little light for an antique car collection. My collections border on the cheaper side. I collect rocks (lame, I know but free for the finding) and I have a few random Simpson's items that I've acquired over the years. After going through our junk drawer the other day, what I really seem to have a hoarding problem with is can coozies.

They're usually free or available for pennies on the dollar. Do I need 40+ can coozies? Do I have 40+ friends who I'll invite over to drink beer and require a can cooler? No and no. I'm not really sure why I've kept all of them. Seriously, you can only use one at a time. Regardless, they're a fun trip down memory lane while digging through the box. Most of them I got for free and most of them bring back fond (foggy?) memories of good times at bars and places around Billings and Montana. Check them out.

Montana (and more) Bar Coozies

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