Election season is upon us once again, and you know what that means- time to complain about all of those annoying political campaign commercials you hear on the radio and watch on TV.

There'll be plenty of time for that, for sure.

But I wanted to talk about one of the GOOD ads that I enjoy hearing on the radio.

Let me start with a full disclosure, this is one of the sponsors on our show and on our station. But I just get a kick out of this ad featuring Rodeo great Deb Greenough and Hi Line Montana native Billy Beede. These guys jump right out the chutes (as expected from Deb Greenough), they get right to the point, there's some good music playing, it sounds like I'm at the rodeo...but more importantly- they sound like they are having a good time doing it.

Give one of the ads a listen yourself. Here it is:

Transcript from the ad featured above:

Deb: Hi folks this is Deb Greenough. I'm here with my ole' buddy Billy Beede with BD Equipment services. Billy I got a buddy that called me the other day and asked if you and your crew could take care of tearing down his old barn.

Billy: Heck Deb that that's what we do. Let us do the dirty work. Have your buddy give us a call, I'll come out I'll take a look at that barn of his I'll give him a free estimate on what it would take to make that barn of his go bye bye.

Announcer: Call BD equipment services today 406-201-7711 or at BD equipmentBLGS.com.

Do you have a favorite ad that you're hearing on the radio in your neck of the woods right now? If so, send it my direction. I'd love to give it a listen and a share as well.

And by the way- shout out to our colleague Mya Lewis for her work in getting this ad on the air.

Here's the video for 2018 Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame inductee Deb Greenough. (And yes, Billy Beede was on that state championship football team for the Glasgow Scotties back in 1983)

The photo above comes from this YouTube video:

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