Who is destroying the toilets in Yellowstone National Park? And what's with the shoeprints left behind? Mystery solved!

Cowboy State Daily had a report that got picked up by The Daily Caller: "Sometimes International Tourists In Yellowstone Just Don’t Know What They Don’t Know"

I brought this story up with John Jackson, the Joker from Twitter, on Tuesday morning. We both served overseas in Afghanistan and this would happen all the time: you walk into the restroom, and there's dirty boot prints on the toilet seat. Come on!

You see, in Afghanistan, the locals don't typically have toilets. They just have a hole in the ground (with sewage that sometimes spills out in the streets through a pipe). So when some of the Afghan workers would go in and use the bathrooms, they didn't know what else to do other than stand on the seat, hover, and open fire.

John Jackson: "As a user of those pit toilets on many occasions, I'd say they are some nasty places, because you've got international tourists all over the world just go in there, just do whatever, and they don't care- throw everything around. It's nasty."

So who did the footprints on Yellowstone toilets belong to?

Apparently they belong to, as the Cowboy State Daily reports, Chinese tourists. I'm with The Daily Caller's Kay Smythe, I didn't know the Chinese do this too. I just remember seeing it in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Apparently similar toilets are used in Italy and are known as “virtual skiers” for the position one must assume.

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