Here's my deal: if you want to move to Montana because California or Seattle is a mess, don't move to Montana and vote for the same type of liberal politicians who screwed up the city or state you just came from. In other words, don't bring the mess with you.

We always enjoy getting phone calls on the radio from Nancy in Roundup, Montana. Earlier this week, Nancy told us she wrote a letter to the editor of the newspaper in Roundup, and that she got a little push back and criticism for her letter complaining about "progressive" politicians and all of the COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions.

Here's part of what Nancy had to say in her letter to the Roundup Record-Tribune:

Just as I thought, the Progressive Liberal party is using Wuhan virus to control and take more freedoms away from we Americans. We now hear the word "ALLOW" more each day... Progressives saw how easily we gave in this what will hold them back the next time?

That prompted a response from Connie in Roundup, a self-described transplant who just moved here last year from California. Connie apparently took issue with Nancy's complaints about progressives. Connie (the woman who apparently just moved here from California) told Nancy (the woman who has lived in Roundup for at least 25 years) that if she doesn't like it, she should move somewhere else.

Here's an excerpt from Connie's response:

My husband and I just moved here in 2019 from California and rather for us to complain about the cost of living, laws, Governor, water issues and new laws and regulations coming into place, we decided we did not want live in that environment any more or be a part of.  And relocating is not that difficult to do! Just takes determination to relocate! My suggestion is for you to find another country, state, city or community and move on if you are so miserable here with everything!

I don't mean to pick on Connie, I'm sure she is a nice enough person. But I do find it very interesting that many Californians, instead of fixing the mess there, will instead move elsewhere and vote for the same type of liberal politicians who screwed up these other cities and states in the first place.


By the way, the above photo came from the BigRigTalk YouTube video "Driving Through Roundup MT" that you can watch here:


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