Montana and the cattle ranching industry go hand in hand, and a new steakhouse in Bozeman pays tribute to a legendary cattle rancher in the state.

When did the J.W Heist Steakhouse open in Bozeman?

If you're craving a good steak, the J.W. Heist Steakhouse opened in Bozeman on January 3. The name of the restaurant pays homage to a Montana native that spent his life in the cattle industry.

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According to the J.W. Heist website, the restaurant is named after Joseph Walter (J.W.) Heist. Heist was born in Electric, Montana on the border of Yellowstone National Park in 1896. In 1907, the Heist family homesteaded just outside Gardiner in a quiet valley next to Yellowstone called Cinnabar Basin.

J.W. and his sister were raised on the 320-acre ranch until he took over operations with his wife Alma in 1934 after his father’s death. J.W. and Alma worked the ranch for twenty years until they retired in 1954 and moved to a smaller ranch in Manhattan to raise prized polled Hereford bulls until J.W. died in 1993.

The J.W. Heist Steakhouse is located at 27 E. Main St. in Bozeman. If you're looking for a quality steak and a glass of wine, the steakhouse is the newest option in the Bozeman area. If you're looking unique memorable Montana experience, it's worth checking out.

The steakhouse is one of the most expensive in Bozeman. An 8-ounce filet will run you around $65, according to the menu. While the restaurant may be a bit spendy, it's great to see a local Montana family with so much history open a steakhouse.

If you've been to the J.W. Heist Steakhouse, what was your experience like? We'd love to hear about it. Send us an app chat on our station app.

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