The National Weather Service reported very strong winds on Monday throughout western and northwest Montana.

Meteorologist Dan Zumpf said Missoula has wind gusts in the 40 mile per hour range, but gusts much higher were recorded near Glacier Park.

“On Monday, we saw widespread high winds across western Montana,” said Zumpf. “Around the Missoula County area we were seeing winds topping out at between 40 to 50 miles per hour, but we did see in northwest Montana some winds go as high as 98 miles per hour.”

Zumpf said one weather station on Mount Aeneas recorded another blast of wind on Monday.

“Mount Aeneas was another place nearby that had a 92 miles per hour gust, and that’s pretty strong,” he said. “That’s in the northern Swan Range. It’s actually a weather station run by the Flathead Avalanche Center”.

There was no major damage reported from the winds, however power was knocked out in some areas in northwest Montana.


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