I hate to wreck your week, or life for that matter, but your entire childhood was a LIE!

Looney Tunes showed the Roadrunner was far - far faster than the the coyote.

Well, sorry, but coyotes can out-pace roadrunners by quite a bit.

Coyotes clock up to 43 miles per hour, compared to the roadrunners at 20 miles per hour.

Some who read this article will lose sleep over this.

Okay, so let's take a bet.

Which one is faster? A Wyoming Bison or a Texas Long Horn?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's the battle of the big beasts from the most conservative states in the U.S.A.

It is said that the bison has a max speed of  35mph.

A Texas longhorn should have a max speed of 25mph.

Is this TRUE?

Let's watch the video and find out.

WAIT - is that longhorn rider wearing a bison coat? I think he is.

SPOILER ALERT, if you have not watched the video, the bison won.

We can see that the Texas longhorn does not carry as much bulk as the Wyoming bison.

So the longhorn takes an early lead because he can get started faster.

Then again, neither of these beasts can really start fast. It takes them a while. But once they get going it's hard to stop them.

It's like the supervillain Juggernaut from Marvel Comics. Once he gets running there is not much that can stop him.

But the Wyoming bison slowly catches up and finally overtakes the longhorn.

Both beasts are lumbering as they run. That's a lot of weight to carry.

The real problem here is stopping all of that weight at the end of the race.

Wyoming's Wild Chinese Balloon Theories - Wrong Answers Only

With balloons from China floating overhead, and our military shooting them down right above us, everybody has been wondering, 'Just what are those balloons for?

Spy balloons?
Just weather balloons?
Are they trying to steal our satellite TV?
Are they listing to our cell phone calls?

On the Wake Up Wyoming morning show with Glenn Woods folks were invited to offer up their theories.


Here are the best we got.

Best Chinese Balloon Memes

The best we could find shared across the internet.
Lets enjoy them now that that big white dot in the sky has been blown to smithereens.

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