The most expensive Airbnb in Billings, Montana will run you $194 a night, but if you stay for 3 nights with all the taxes and cleaning fees, you're still in for $881 for a few nights in a three-bedroom and one bath home in the Magic City.

Now, let's compare that rental in Yellowstone County to the MOST expensive Airbnb in the state of Montana.

Credit: Jason via Airbnb
Credit: Jason via Airbnb

According to a study compiled by that looked at what an average Airbnb 3-night stay would be at locations across the country, a villa on a ranch in Superior, Montana is the 6th most expensive in the United States.

The Mountain View Villa at Alpine Falls Ranch is "adjacent to the LoLo National Forest and steps away from the Clark Fork River." The home has 5 bedrooms and 6 baths and can accommodate 14 guests, according to the Airbnb listing.

The current rate for just one night at the Mountain View Villa will run $7,762. Add in the  $200 cleaning fee and the convenience fee of more than $1,110 and you're now looking at more than $9,000 per night. For a 3-night stay, it's more than $27,000.

The ranch is located in Mineral County, and according to the post, "unlimited hiking, hunting, fishing, floating and adventure opportunities await."

Guests will have access to all of the ranch's amenities including the theater, gym, skeet/trap range, riding arena, hiking trails and direct access to millions of acres of National Forest and its riding/hiking trails and mountain lakes.

Guests who are flying into Montana get complimentary SUV service from the Missoula airport as part of their stay on Alpine Falls Ranch, where on-site housekeeping and laundry service are also offered.

A pistol/rifle shooting range along with horse facilities and a riding arena are on-site for guests.

Secluded Villa is Most Expensive Airbnb in Montana

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