You know about the US Navy's Blue Angels, the F35, and more. We got something else "hot" coming for you as a part of the big Yellowstone International Air Show taking place in Billings, Montana this August.

Thanks to Pepsi Cola of Billings and the Dimich family, two hot air balloons will take the skies over Southcentral Montana, and you'll get a chance to hop in the bucket for a ride.

We will have more details as the event gets closer, but it sounds like some of the hot air balloon opportunities will also be featured at the MontanaFair in Billings- in conjunction with the big air show.

Sounds like a big football-shaped Pepsi hot air balloon and a big 7-Up balloon will both take flight (featured in the photos above). At least one of the displays will be a tethered balloon so you don't have to worry about drifting away from all of the activities on site. Mitch Dimich with Pepsi Cola of Billings tells us that there will be opportunities to take part in some of the morning flights on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They'll also have balloon glows in the evenings.

The Yellowstone Air Show is taking place in Billings, Montana from August 11th-13th. General admission tickets are still available.

Speaking of Pepsi and the air show- check out the cool Pepsi can dedicated to the air show that the Billings Chamber of Commerce was showing off recently:


The special pop can and the special hot air balloons were made possible by:Pepsi Cola of Billings and The Dimich Family.

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