I've never been a big Star Trek guy. But there was a time when my television channel options were very limited and Star Trek: The Next Generation became part of the nightly viewing routine. I'll admit - I kind of got hooked on the happenings of the bald guy in charge, smarty computer man, half-beast face, and Reading Rainbow guy.

Even though my fandom of Star Trek rates very low - I have to give some credit to the franchise for having a little online fun and bringing Montana into the mix. If you're a superfan you might know April 5 is a celebrated day among Trekkies, as that day in the year 2063 marks the first time humans and Vulcans have contact with each other in the Star Trek universe. Also, if you do know that by heart - we might need to look into getting you a couple other hobbies. Ha!

To celebrate "First Contact Day" last week, the official Star Trek website and their Twitter account posted a video about the perfect place for out of this world visitors to check out when they make their arrival on Earth - Bozeman. The video from the "Extraterrestrial Tourism Council" says Bozeman is "ready to welcome a weary vacationer after light years of travel" and is "ready to serve as your home away from home."

You can watch the video from the Twitter post above. What a neat way for the Bozeman Convention & Visitors Bureau to get some buzz for the city as it showcases some of the majestic beauty of Montana. And as a salute to Star Trek for promoting the video on their website and social media - allow me to say "may the force be with them".....or "nanu nanu".....or whatever catchphrase was popularized from the show.

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