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Permitless Carry Nearing the Finish Line in Montana
Permitless carry is nearing the finish line here in Montana. We spoke with Gary Marbut from the Montana Shooting Sports Association on Monday's Montana Talks statewide radio show. Gary gave us the latest info on the gun rights legislation making its way through the Montana Legislature.
Montana Teachers Union Spending $800K Against Gun Rights
Why is the union that is supposed to represent Montana school teachers spending $800,000 to campaign against a referendum on the ballot this November? Does it involve teacher pay? Would it take away the pensions of teachers or public employees? Nope. The teachers union is spending $800,000 to campai…
Wednesday’s Montana Talks: Gary Marbut on Gun Rights
I've gotten a lot of phone calls and emails from our listeners wanting to hear more about the gun control push being pursued by the scandal-plagued governor of Virginia. Especially in the wake of the recent gun-rights rally which featured thousands of peaceful, law abiding gun owners- despite t…