Great falls

Great Falls Fire’s 1st Female Officer Sworn In
"I'm super grateful and humbled by the opportunity, but I also don't want to overplay it. We have a bunch of amazing guys on our department who have done the same thing and been in the same place...they deserve just as much credit for being in the positions they are as I do."
Pregnant Montana Nurse: Don’t Force the COVID Vaccine
A pregnant nurse in Great Falls says Benefis Health System should not be allowed to force their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. She's just one of hundreds of nurses who have been lobbying the Montana State Legislature to bar employers from forcing their employees to get the vaccine.
Montana Historian Ken Robison’s “Whoop-Up Country”
In case you're wondering what all the history buffs are whooping it up over...the great Montana historian Ken Robison is out with another book. I caught up with Ken Robison earlier this week during our live radio show from Great Falls. His latest book- Historic Tales of Whoop-Up Country: On the…
Monumental Destruction: Time for Lewis & Clark to Go Too?
"Should we abandon all references to Lewis and Clark here in Great Falls because they were slave owners? How many statues depicting the Corps of Discovery are you willing to deface and tear down in your mission to erase history and cleanse it of it’s uncomfortable and even brutal realiti…