Whenever there's bad news in Billings, Montana similar to headlines in the Democrat-run cities, our liberal friends in Missoula and elsewhere will say: See! And this is in Republican led Billings. Uhh- let me correct you there. Yellowstone County may be heavily Republican, but the City of Billings is being run by a liberal city council.

There's been some crazy folks on the Billings City Council too. Remember the lady who said there's too many old white guys on the council? Of course that same lady refused to support two black conservative men who stepped up to run for the city council. We've also had self-described "Democrat Socialists" on the Billings City Council.

Left-wing Soros funded outfits are heavily involved in these elections. Meanwhile, a lot of Republican voters get whipped up into a frenzy over national elections and too often ignore local elections.

Ballots will soon be showing up in mailboxes, and a lot of folks have already been asking- who are the conservatives/moderates to vote for when it comes to the Billings City Council elections?

Here's the list of names based off of information I gleaned from information compiled by Dick Pence with the Big Sky Worldview Forum:

Ward 1 Mike Mayott

Ward 2 Roy Neese

Ward 3 Charlie Loveridge

Ward 4 Scott Aspenlieder

Ward 5 Mike Boyette

Pence is also encouraging voters to vote against the parks and recreation bond measure over the $143 million price tag. He added this: "This irresponsible idea is promoted by the Billings Chamber of Commerce, the most liberal Chamber in Montana."

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