First the riots and the looting. Now, an all out lawless "autonomous zone" in Seattle. Is this just a big party for a bunch of spoiled, liberal white kids? No. It's much more dangerous than that.

We spoke with former CIA operations officer Sam Faddis earlier this week on our Montana Talks radio show with Aaron Flint. Faddis has a piece headlined- "1871 All Over Again – This Is Revolution, This Is Sedition." Check out the full piece by clicking here. Here's an excerpt:

Journalists have now been expelled from the “autonomous zone.” There is growing buzz on the internet about the “autonomous zone” expanding into Cascadia, an independent, decidedly anti-American and anti-capitalist socialist republic. That buzz includes talk about “defensive militias” and the establishment of additional “autonomous zones” in other cities in the Northwest.

Full audio with Sam Faddis:


President Trump is also warning the Seattle mayor and Washington governor to "take control" or he will.

Meanwhile, Florida Congressman

"Defund the police, abolish ICE, disarm Americans and then surrender our cities to the Antifa mob -- if this is the rulebook for the new Woketopia, count me out!" he said, adding that the presence of a so-called "Cop Free Zone" is "going to be bad for the citizens there."


(Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)