This school principal seems like one cool customer in high-stress situations and someone you wouldn't want to cross.

When people think of school principals, their minds can go to people that are stern, a little mean, and sometimes scary. I've had a variety of principals who were fun, stern, and sometimes a little weird. We found a story about one school principal who seems like a guy you shouldn't ever mess with in any situation.

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The Cascade Country Sheriff's Office posted on its Facebook giving a Community Hero Award to Ulm School Principal Russ McDaniel. Why did this principal get an award? Well, he's a certified hero and kept his school safe in a tense situation. Check it out.

Credit: Cascade Country Sheriff's Office via Facebook

Principal Russ McDaniel this past October saw someone getting carjacked near the Ulm School and instantly reacted. He called 911, locked down his school to keep this staff and students safe, and parked his car on the roadway to try and prevent the assailant from leaving.

The attacker ended up going the other way, and Mr. McDaniel responded to 911 asking if they wanted him to run him down. This guy is a certified hero. He kept his cool in a situation where many folks might panic

When I was in high school, my former principal was a veteran of the Afghanistan War and someone that made the students feel safe in any situation. Principal McDaniel seems like that type of person.

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The Cascade County Sheriff's Office thanked Principal McDaniel for this award, but maybe he sounds like he should be an honorary deputy.

I think many of these parents at Ulm School can sleep soundly, knowing that if any situation arises at their school, their children will be safe.

For more details, check out the Cascade Country Sheriff's Office Facebook.

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