For those who saw my story on Wednesday night, I told you about my "unbelievably incredible" flight with the US Navy's Blue Angels and the #7 pilot Lcdr Thomas Zimmerman earlier that day. The video finally uploaded.

Here is the full video of Part 1 of my flight with the US Navy's Blue Angels over Billings, Montana. This is the first 35 minutes or so of the flight.

I popped into the Cat Country studios in Billings Thursday morning, and had to ask Paul Mushaben- one of the Breakfast Flakes who has been on the air for 35-plus years- if he saw us flying over his ranch. Oh yeah. He said we flew right on top of his ranch. He saw the pilot acknowledge the wave with a puff of smoke. Paul said he got video of us from the ground. Well Paul- check out the video below and you'll see what it looked like from above.

Around the 10 minute mark is when we take off straight into the air from the Billings airport.

One of the in the air loops over the Big Sky Speedway North of Billings is around the 20 minute mark. I think around the 22 minute mark is when we did the 4G pull over Paul Mushaben's ranch. Around the 24 minute mark is when we were flying low right over the ranches north of Billings and then kicked into the 7G maneuver.

We'll post part 2 soon with the final 15 or so minutes including the flight over downtown Billings and the carrier landing at the Billings airport.

Montana Talks Host Aaron Flint's Flight with the US Navy's Blue Angels Over Billings


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