Even the pentagon will admit they have no idea what they are looking at.

There are camera videos from U.S. fighter planes who tried to give chase to these objects that they could not keep up with, and certainly could not maneuver with.

This first video is a Navy video from 2004 and, declassified by the Pentagon, shows "unexplained aerial phenomena."

In the second video you will hear the weapons officer say, "There is a whole fleet of them. Look on the NSA." This craft seems to be making some unusual turns.

A Navy video from 2015, also declassified by the Pentagon, shows "unexplained aerial phenomena."

The object also seems to rotate while flying straight, in a way that has these Navy pilots a bit confused.

The 3rd video, from 2015, shows a fast object over the water. The image will seem to pass by the camera several times, but that is the team trying to get a lock on it, which they celebrate when they do.

You'll hear someone ask, "What is that man"


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