In Wyoming, we have a love/hate relationship with the wind.

We appreciate that it keeps our air fresh, and weed out the weak ones.

But, even the most jaded Wyomingite can get a bit frustrated when we have 4 days in a row of 90 mph wind guts with a steady 60 mph wind to go along with it.

So, when I came across a video of some Cowboys in Montana dealing with "138 mph winds" of course I had to watch.

And I'm so glad I did.

As someone who has lived in Wyoming for over 20 years (and has had to deal with livestock in that wind) I related to so much of this!

But I did have to do some fact-checking on that "138 mph wind".

It turns out that Montana DID have record-breaking winds last week, and they were clocked as high at 103 mph.

This isn't exactly what they claimed in the video, but I'm not going to argue with them.

After all, who am I to criticize someone for exaggerating a bit to make something funnier.


@goroamfree 138 mph winds in Montana. #uphillbothways #vintagefootage #pov #grandparents ♬ original sound - GoRoamFree

How funny was that?

I knew it was going to be good when it started out saying "footage of your grandparents walking to school" and then it just got better.

I can't decide what I related to more, trying to get the gates shut in the wind or watching the cow pies blowing across the prairie.

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