Subscribers of the YouTube channel for Montana's Tallest Flag said they got chills and were teary-eyed after watching a patriotic video showing crews assembling the structure.

The video posted on Sunday (11/7) called "Flag Raising Day," shows crews using a crane to lift the white flag pole into place, and then around 10 workers guided the pole over large bolts in the base.

Credit: Montana's Tallest Flag via YouTube
Credit: Montana's Tallest Flag via YouTube

After securing the tallest flagpole in the Treasure State to its base with heavy-duty nuts and bolts, one worker climbed the structure to secure ropes that will raise the American flag high into the big Montana sky.

Crews then attached the enormous flag to the ropes before two men began pulling Old Glory up into the air.

Credit: Montana's Tallest Flag via YouTube
Credit: Montana's Tallest Flag via YouTube

Images posted on the @MTTallestFlag Instagram page showed some cattle who were interested in what was happening on the land where they graze.

Lighting for the American flag was also completed at the site, according to a video on their Instagram.

As the dramatic drone video flies around the flagpole, the Star-Spangled Banner is played while the stars and stripes ripple in the wind.

How tall is Montana's Tallest Flagpole?

Montana's Tallest Flagpole stands at 130 feet, and the American flag that flies from it is 30' by 60'.

Because the tallest flag in Montana is located on private property, the exact location is not being made public, but the owners did confirm it's in rural northwest Montana.

Another YouTube was posted today (Wednesday 11/10) that showed a "labor of love" that went into building the flagpole, including welding, fastening rebar, concrete, and painting.

Where is America's tallest flagpole located?

The tallest flagpole in America is located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The Acuity Flagpole is 400 feet tall, weighs approximately 420,000 pounds, and has two American flags that fly from it. One for normal weather, and one for harsher weather conditions.

Where is the tallest flagpole in the world located?

The Jeddah Flag is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and is 561 feet tall.

This story will be updated when we get more details about Montana's tallest flagpole.

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